Rosy Beetroot tales

Hello All,

Its a wonderful fresh new week to start blogging. Weekend was fun spending quality family time. Evenings are better on sundays as we head out to a nearby mall or play area or an kids event in town so that little one can have some fun followed by dinner. Mumma usually applies very little makeup while stepping out. A little kohl and lipstick.Little Kleem who just turned 5 has started following and imitating me. She also demands to apply makeup. But I am reluctant to apply any on her despite using high end products. Also I didnt trust the products with “Organic Tag ” . Explained her that little girls dont apply makeup ,but all in vain.So whenever I refused to put makeup on her, she ended up crying her lungs out. This use to piss Daddy who then would command me to do what she is asking for. I had to do it . Makeup has become a thing of fantasy for little girls. I just could not understand how to get over the lipstick blues.It left me thinking about how to convince her. After lots of googling, I came up with the idea of applying beetroot juice which turns lips pink and it actually helps in getting those pinky lips(as read ). I wasnt really sure if the lips would really turn pink but for time being it would make them pink and also Kleem happy. So now whenever she asks for lipstick ,its the beetroot juice on her lips. I also added that if she starts eating beetroot ,her lips would turn more pink. To my surprise she did start eating . Now this was like cherry on the cake .

A few days back I read one of the moms asking how to include beetroot in our kids diet. To which beetroot paratha,beetroot soup, beetroot cutlet , beetroot halwa etc etc were the constant replies. Not a single reply as having it as a salad. I repied that my daughter eats raw beetroot just to turn her lips pink. Not able to digest one of the mommies enquired”Do you mean to say your daughter is not aware of lipsticks?” Wow I really didnt expect this to come back . I mean does it taste that bad?? Ofcouse not. Kids if explained in a proper fashion and right time do understand .Just little efforts to be taken .To top it all beetroot has many benefits.

* Lowers the risk of anemia

* Promotes digestion.

* Boosts immunity.

* Detoxify the body.

So all you mums, take a little extra effort and try giving atleast 2slices of beetroot to your kids. Totally worth it!!

Kleemcations!! Even better this year

Hey all,

My little girl, Kleem , is spending the last few days of her academic year .Exams are on and the vacation fever is soon going to start .Each one of us is excited thinking how to spend it most constructively.A weeks holiday to a beach or an island definitely tops my bucket list , as my little girl loves playing on the beach .So my beach to do list is in process to make it a memorable one. Families and beach just go hand in hand. A bunch of activities to do for all from elders ,youngsters ,teens to toddlers. Everybody can have their own “ME” time in their own varied ways. It is a perfect way to rejuvenate ones soul.

Holidays apart , I am also planning to engage my toddler in other DIY at home activities without joining any summer camps. I feel mostly summer camps are more for mothers to spare time for themselves as kids spend most of the time at home . Absolutely nothing wrong in that. But I believe if we as mothers arrange for some activities at home itself , then that contributes to strengthening your bond with the kid. You get to know what your kid is good at. You notice their strengths and disabilities which can be worked on respectively. I have previously engaged my girl for summer camps , but I did not see any outcome.
Reminds me of these lines, “I am glad I did. Spend time with your kids. One of these days you will say either ‘I wish I had’ or ‘I am glad I did’ “.

I have jotted down a bunch of activities to do regularly in a playful manner to keep my girl occupied. She is always eager to learn something new. So am sure she will have a great time . What I plan to do is make a weekly set of QUIET BAGS which will have one activity for the day. These would include Fingerprint Counting , Sticker Line up, Sink or Float Concept, Rock Painting ,Puzzle time, Clay impression craft , DIY Rock Photo holders.

That would be all to start with the first week. Will keep sharing the work ,joy , enthusiasm ,emotions of my girl with images in my next blog. Anybody interested to join in and share their kids work would be great.

Happy and Constructive Vacations Mommies!!

Learning is fun

Make learning fun with these games .Lego helps your child explore the world of imagination and creativity , promotes fine motor skills ,develops problem solving and planning skills. And play is like the best connectivity to your child’s creativity. Let your kids explore all possible Permutations and Combinations . You never know where they might land up and shine.

Board games like Scrabble benefits in spending quality time with family and friends.It develops communicative and competitive skills in your child.