The Green Acres Academy , Pune- School with a difference!!

What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades but a school that teaches a different way of looking at the world and learning from HANDS ON EXPERIENCE.

An apt example for this is THE GREEN ACRES ACADEMY ,PUNE which is an expanded campus of Mumbai’s top emerging school founded by MR. Rohan Parikh.

Infrastructure: Built keeping the needs of children in mind so that they get abundant light and ventilation, AC in summers and ergonomically designed chairs.
Well equipped with state of the art facilities like
✔LCD Projectors
✔Interactive Boards
✔Computer Labs
✔Music room (variety of instruments)
✔Dance Studio(ceiling to floor mirror like a professional studio)
✔Art Room
✔Wellness Centre(with a full time nurse)
✔Washrooms (just like one finds at airport/malls)

At TGAA, they create a child friendly environment based on trust , affection and care. In accordance with this, they have pioneered their ,”CIRCLE TEACHING” pre primary program to ensure that the students and the teacher sit at the same level building real connections so that kids are at ease when learning.

They make sure the teaching and learning process is through play way method. They believe in involving students actively with their subjects rather than rote learning where kids just become bookworms.

Apart from PTA, PTM, weekly updates(through mail or seesaw app), they also conduct workshops for parents based on child nutrition, health and development, phonics, growth mindset, parenting. And when parent and teacher interaction is at frequent intervals , that equals to an educated child.

An hour of physical activity( dance or sports) is a part of their regular curriculum and every child has to participate in it. Kids with special talents are further given ‘Excellence Program’ to hone their skills.

The day when I visited , they had their science week going on and every kid presented a project on the given theme. I was spellbound seeing such small kids present it so confidently.

Learning is a never ending process and so inspite of having highly trained staff and teachers, training and workshops for teachers are conducted throughout the year to stay updated with innovative learning methods.

With one building functional now, they plan to expand it to three buildings with multi utility sports ground, kids play zones, indoor sports room and much more.

A lot has been thought of while building the infrastructure like a few years from now if notebooks are replaced with laptops , they have provision to keep themselves abreast with the changing methods.

With so many things to consider right from the development of the child in the true sense ,to provide comfort in every way and insightful planning to keep themselves relevant for years from now , every parent planning to seek admission for their kids must visit this school. I am sure you will be as awestruck as I was.

Milk and cookies can go together now

Kleem is a kid who loves to have milk twice a day and sometimes even thrice. No tantrums while having milk( I consider myself blessed for this . I know moms who struggle when it comes to making kids drink their daily dose of calcium). Only accompaniments she needs is one or two cookies along with milk. Sometimes I avoid giving her , but she just cannot have a glass of plain milk. To be honest , neither we adults can have. So i have to give up and let her munch on a few cookies.

But when I received this organic drink mix and cookies hamper from @earlyfoods , I am no more hesitant to let her have chocolate flavoured milk with cookies. As all products from @earlyfoods are mindfully crafted from a range of wholesome organic meals and snacks using grandma’s yummy recipes and pediatricians recommendations to meet daily nutritional needs for little children. These are fresh , completely chemical free with no preservatives and no artificial flavors.
We received
1. Ragi chocolate drink mix .
2. Almond and dates drink mix.
3. Gluten free jaggery cookies.
4. Multigrain satay maavu jaggery cookies.
Kleem is now enjoying her milk even more with ragi chocolate flavour and multigrain cookies. .

For more deets head to their website
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Juniors Fashion Week ,Pune 2019

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world , especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

And one such platform to present the instant language of kids fashion is the @JuniorsFashionWeek. The team comprises of fashion professionals and choreographers conducting workshops to build confidence, grooming and posing techniques, modeling and professional photoshoot. It is an ideal platform where the fashion passion of young talent is honed and groomed. It is a wonderful opportunity for the little fashionistas who have the attitude to set the ramp on fire.JFW provides opportunities for brands in the kids fashion industry and lifestyle industry to showcase their upcoming collection and enthralling partnership opportunities.
This year, the JFW team showcased the new collections of Spring Summer 2019 at the Pune edition held at JW Marriott , Pune on 16th June 2019 preceded by the workshop on June 15th 2019 for kids from four to fourteen years.

The audience witnessed the awe inspiring collection of international kids wear brands like – U. S. Polo Assn. Kids, The Children’s Place, Flying Machine Boyzone, Hugo BOSS, DKNY, Little Marc Jacobs, Timberland and Billieblush.

U. S. Polo Assn. Kids displayed their star and striped prints, cute umbrellas , chic hair accessories, kinetic shirts, modish party dresses , sporty polo t-shirts and the ever classic denims in store.

The Childrens Place presented fun and trendy wardrobe .The girls flaunted their blingy & glittery tops like they are born with glitter in their veins, dolled up with chic hair bands, hats, bags, sunglasses and footwear. Boys walked in roll-up sleeved woven shirts, conversational graphics, polo tees and jumpers completed with cool coloured chinos , contemporary denims and pull on joggers in seasonal vibrant colors.

Flying Machine Boyzone highlighted uber cool styles in vogue for young boys with their signature designs combined with charming and contemporary trends.

Hugo Boss showcased the latest all fashionable collection of polo shirts , coats and blazers perfect for an all day casual look from dusk to dawn.

DKNY presented a diverse collection of clothing that remained true to its origin, New York. Kids walked in with vibrant colored outfits accessorized with plushies, hair bands and sunglasses.

Little Marc Jacob’s collections drew inspiration from the urban lifestyles of concrete jungles.

Billieblush catered to the trendsetting unicorn or rainbow or pastel feminine patterns with feel good soft fabrics and delicate styles.

Timberland portrayed the trendiest of street styles in the kids apparels.

The confidence with which the kids made appearance on the runaway left the audience awestruck. It was cuteness overloaded with confidence, style and comfort.All in all it was a highly organized kids’ fashion show. Every minute thing was taken care of in the successful making of the event. The kids were treated with great hospitality. The volunteers were extremely courteous towards the kids.
JFW is the place for incredible young talent to be nurtured and cultivated. This season is gone, but there is always a next one. Get your kids ready for the next one.

To register your child for the next JFW runway showcase please refer to #jfw #jfwpune #USPAKids #TheChildrensPlace #FMBoyzone #FlyingMachineBoyzone #hugoboss #DKNY #BillieBlush #Marcjacobs #Timberland #JuniorModels #FashionisFun #KidsModels #FashionforKids #FashionWeek #KidsAroundIndia #punemomblogger #punemoms #puneparents #puneinstagrammers #littlefashionistas #indianmommyblogger@USPoloAssnIndia @thechildrensplaceindia @flyingmachine80 @billieblush_et_billybandit @marcjacobs @timberland

Why Beetroot is actually good for your toddler girl.

Hello All,

Its a wonderful fresh new week to start blogging. Weekend was fun spending quality family time. Evenings are better on sundays as we head out to a nearby mall or play area or an kids event in town so that little one can have some fun followed by dinner. Mumma usually applies very little makeup while stepping out. A little kohl and lipstick.Little Kleem who just turned 5 has started following and imitating me. She also demands to apply makeup. But I am reluctant to apply any on her despite using high end products. Also I didnt trust the products with “Organic Tag ” . Explained her that little girls dont apply makeup ,but all in vain.So whenever I refused to put makeup on her, she ended up crying her lungs out. This use to piss Daddy who then would command me to do what she is asking for. I had to do it . Makeup has become a thing of fantasy for little girls. I just could not understand how to get over the lipstick blues.It left me thinking about how to convince her. After lots of googling, I came up with the idea of applying beetroot juice which turns lips pink and it actually helps in getting those pinky lips(as read ). I wasnt really sure if the lips would really turn pink but for time being it would make them pink and also Kleem happy. So now whenever she asks for lipstick ,its the beetroot juice on her lips. I also added that if she starts eating beetroot ,her lips would turn more pink. To my surprise she did start eating . Now this was like cherry on the cake .

A few days back I read one of the moms asking how to include beetroot in our kids diet. To which beetroot paratha,beetroot soup, beetroot cutlet , beetroot halwa etc etc were the constant replies. Not a single reply as having it as a salad. I repied that my daughter eats raw beetroot just to turn her lips pink. Not able to digest one of the mommies enquired”Do you mean to say your daughter is not aware of lipsticks?” Wow I really didnt expect this to come back . I mean does it taste that bad?? Ofcouse not. Kids if explained in a proper fashion and right time do understand .Just little efforts to be taken .To top it all beetroot has many benefits.

* Lowers the risk of anemia

* Promotes digestion.

* Boosts immunity.

* Detoxify the body.

So all you mums, take a little extra effort and try giving atleast 2slices of beetroot to your kids. Totally worth it!!